Aspiring to be a Portsmouth Digital Marketing Agency

One day; when I finally grow up I want to run my own Digital Marketing Agency in the Portsmouth area. It’s not that I particularly like Portsmouth; more it’s close to home and therefore I would not have to travel far to reach my office!

I know there are lots of other companies offering the sort of services I would like to offer however most just don’t do it right.

In fact the biggest companies in the area are nowhere to be found in the search engines and only get their clients from networking and appearing at shows with their glossy brochures and sometimes glossy girls.

Why Welcome to Freedom?

I don’t want a fees based agency; I want to be able to offer workable solutions that help people gain whatever it is they want from the internet and for as little as possible. So; no set fees.

If people get results, hopefully they will pay me something for my time, energy and imagination. If not then so be it. I do charge for meetings though at a rate of £9.15 an hour plus expenses; basically the living wage!

WTF.Digital is Different

It’s not that I am an unsociable miserable git; though some might think so; it’s I would rather get clients through referrals or organic search as it shows I can do the job needed of me. So networking is not a priority.

Also I don’t really like to charge a set fee; some are turned off by this because they are frightened that I’m too cheap and so my service can’t be as good as someone else. Yet I don’t have to pay for on-line advertising; nor networking; nor glossy brochures…as for girls…get real!

Marketing is all about changing peoples perspectives; most see WTF as an acronym for…well I’m sure you know already; but can it means something else?

Elements of the Agency

A Digital Marketing Agency needs to cover various aspects of internet marketing; WTF.Digital has done this by splitting itself into a number of niches; these comprise:

WTF SEO: (We Trounce Foe)

WTF.Digital is run by an SEO Consultant in Portsmouth whose first site under the WTF brand was WTF SEO. WTF SEO (We Trounce Foe) has worked with clients wishing to rank for national search terms as well as those needing help locally. It works by empowering clients with the knowledge of how to rank; there by keeping their on-line marketing costs down.

WTF Web Design: (Websites that Function)

Currently a test site; WTF Web Design (Websites that Function) will soon be turned into a fully functioning web design agency to help clients with their on-line presence. Websites built by WTF Web Design will be optimised out of the box as the lead on every build will be a search engine optimisation specialist. This will mean an affordable solution that will save money in the future when compared to other design companies.

WTF Social Media: (With Twitter & Facebook)

This is a new venture for the WTF Digital Marketing Agency; though backed by years of experience. A new site is being created for the purpose and will simply be called WTF Social. WTF Social (With Twitter & Facebook) will empower its clients with the necessary tools to run their own social media marketing both effectively and perhaps more importantly; cheaply!

WTF PPC: (Website Traffic (Funded))

Another new venture but backed by experience is WTF PPC (Website Traffic (Funded)); the associated website has been registered and is on my to do list. This will be used to help gain immediate results for clients using various PPC networks though mainly Google. I see WTF PPC as an add on to organic SEO.

Contact Details

Telephone: +442392160999
Address: Building 1000, Western Road, Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth; Hampshire. PO6 3EZ; Well hopefully one day!. GBR